Outdoor Safety

Children's innate curiosity and sense of adventure drive them to try all sorts of new activities, particularly when they are outdoors. Keep them out of harm's way by taking these precautions:

  • Children are supervised constantly on playgrounds.
  • Play equipment bolted securely in place
  • Appropriate cushioning materials approved for playgrounds are used in fall zones. Soft surfaces extend six feet from the edge of any structure (wider if the structure is higher than four feet).
  • Structures for children under three years old are not taller than the child's height, and do not have railings or slats more than 2-3/8 inches apart.
  • Structures checked regularly for sharp edges, loose bolts or screws, splinters, cracks, or other damaged areas that could catch or hurt children. All sharp edges should be cushioned to reduce injury.
  • Structures painted with lead-free paint only. Peeling paint is removed and structure repainted.
  • Drawstrings removed from children's hooded sweatshirts, snowsuits, etc. (choking hazards)
  • Yard kept free of toxic plants

US Consumer Product Safety Commission for more info on playground safety and standards for child care centers:

CPSC Outdoor Playground Safety Handook for family child care: