Our Staff


Toni McKinley



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Family & Provider Services

Teauna Bennett-Supervisor Diantha Sigman-Supervisor
Charity Landers-Secretary Beth Alexander-Case Manager
Sarah Pauley-Case Manager Andrea Dent-Case Manager
Shelsea Payne-Case Manager Katie Light-Case Manager
Paige Stepp-Provider Support Specialist August Williams-Case Manager
Jocelyn Williams-Case Manager Michael Pannell-Provider Support Specialist
Shantae Williams-Case Manager William Smalley-Case Manager


Professional Development Team


Cate Phillips-Supervisor Yvonne Phillips-Hodges-Behavior Consultant
Jenny Newhouse-Early Childhood Specialist Heather Barry-Early Childhood Specialist
Vacant-Infant Toddler Specialist Blake Turley-Infant Toddler Specialist
Lea Wheeler-Behavior Consultant Shante' Ellis-Quality Initiative Specialist
EmmaLee Griffith-TRAILS Specialist Rachel Walker-TRAILS Associate